My stolen online identity

October 27, 2008

Look, when it comes to online and internet transactions, I am usually quite open to it. So I am very comfortable buying things online, be it through a website or ebay. I started this at an early stage. I still remember when I am 19 when I asked my dad to use his credit card to get this gift from a US website. All went well and I received it a couple of weeks later. So all is good.

When I was over in UK doing my final year, getting things online is easier with a Visa Electron card. And I managed to get some Mclaren’s souvenirs from their official website.

When I came back to Malaysia, I started getting things online especially flowers. And from there branching out to Ebay where I got my 2 nostalgic Lava Lamps, to CDs, then to football jerseys and computer games. I even have a paypal account setup so that it’s easier to pay to ebay sellers half way across the globe.

It was just an usual Tuesday afternoon at work when I was checking my emails hoping to get a reply from the hotel that the wedding invitation is ready. I was shocked to receive payment confirmation from paypal that I have made a transaction of USD400 for some website called sales2u.com. So I quickly called up Citibank to have my card cancelled, only to realise that the fraudster have switched to my Amex card.

So I called up Paypal to report an unauthorized transaction and then called up Amex to dispute the charge, the customer service rep don’t actually know how to handle the situation and said that will call me back on the status.

I received a call 2 hours later from Maybank Amex and the rep told me that the card is blocked. When I asked how about the transaction that is being put through, she told me that there’s nothing Amex can do and said that it’s my responsibility to safeguard my account. I was furious! How can you tell me that it’s my responsibility to safeguard my account where I already have password to make sure it does that! She then told me, “I can feel your frustration, but there’s nothing we can do right now.” Typical line when you try to pacify your customer. So I was supposed to bear the consequences even though I make sure that my password to my paypal is at least 20 alpha-numeric long, but yet still being hacked!

I have been patient throughout the week but then when I received an email from paypal today mentioned that they will be reversing the amount, I was actually relief. Sad to say that even I worked for Amex, I have decided to cancel my card because I feel that I have been victimised!

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