Food Tasting

September 28, 2008
It’s Food Tasting Day! With less than 3 months to the big day, we went food tasting in the hotel last Saturday. We are surprised that the manager display our name ‘big big’ in the lobby as well as the entrance near the ballroom.I have to say that I haven’t recovered from my diarrhea few days ago, so there’s a lot of food that I can just eat a little in order to prevent my stomach from being upset again. (Btw, my stomach is still upset when I am writing this post!)This is the 2nd time that I went to a food tasting, the first one being May’s Sister’s wedding about 3 years ago. So I was kind of expecting the same until I saw this…Here’s the list of dishes that is pre-selected by the hotel and for each and every dish, there’s a comment line underneath it to put in our thoughts. So food tasting in a hotel is different after all, although I am not quite sure if other hotels do the same. So without further ado, let me introduce the dishes that you will be eating come 14th December.The first dish
A selection between this 2 soup.
‘Kwai Fah’ Chicken
Steam Pompfret in Ginger Sauce (Yummy!)Ham Dan Prawn with OatsVeges with Sea CucumberSteamed Glutinuos RiceDessert with a selection between the 2 belowOverall the food is quite good, with the exception of the ‘Chuka Idaho’ in the first dish. I am still wondering what would it be replaced with. Till then wait for the next update lar….

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  • Reply SiewMin October 3, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Your countdown is same as my countdown…. hahahaha

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