3 Special Occasions…..and lunch at Munakata

August 6, 2008

080808 is actually a triple celebration. Apart from my registration date, it also marks the opening of the Beijing Olympics and also a dear friend’s birthday. So can consider triple celebration lar, however as I mentioned earlier, the Olympics is really not a huge deal for me. Reason being, you know how Malaysia fare in the Olympics (no matter how much patriotism that I have, you ended up having your hope dash!) Well it’s already enough supporting a football team, so I will just stop right there. Coz whether you are supporting karate-do, swimming or badminton, you will sure be devastated by their result in this big sporting arena.

Ok ok ok…enough about that. My topic for this post is food, not boring Olympics. It’s not really to celebrate my ending of bachelorhood or the opening ceremony, it was actually to celebrate Sher Lin’s birthday. So my company’s lunch gang decide to have lunch at this supposedly mother of all Japanese restaurant in KL. The restaurant……

Munakata Restaurant, located at 1st Floor Life Center

There are 6 of us, and afraid that the Zen sets will be too much so we decided to order just 4 sets (kononlah all my lunch gang is small eater)

Sukiyaki Zen (it’s nice although the soup is a little bit on the masin side)

The Sake Teriyaki Zen (which means Salmon Teriyaki) I didn’t tried the fish apart from the skin. So really no comment, however the look is quite appealing though.The Shashimi Tempura Zen which comes with fresh slices of salmon, tuna and some white fish

and here are the tempura that comes with the set.
The Unagi Kabayaki Zen, my favourite. Well I am a sucker when it comes to Unagi, so there isn’t any place that i find that serve bad unagi.

And of course a group picture of the lunch gang in the restaurant after the meal. Sorry didn’t took any before makan picture. Main reason is the food is served as soon as we are seated, and secondly, most of us are hungry. So it’s already an achievement that those picture above are still in one piece when the photos are taken.

I would say, overall it’s a nice japanese restaurant. Definitely you can tell that it is one of the tenure japanese restaurant in KL by the looks of their staff. So if you are running out of restaurant to try, then visit this place in KL.

By the way, you might be reading this after you are back from S’pore but Have a Very Happy Birthday, Sher Lin! Hehehe…so now you will be famous, when my blog is famous that is…….

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  • Reply pat.k August 6, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    how come you always have lunch with so many gorgeous ladies? lucky jordan as always!

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