12 Days of Separation

July 27, 2008

Finally after 12 long days, I finally got my laptop back. But it’s not after numerous phone call to the service centre to bug on the progress of it.

The future certainly looked bleak by the 10th days, and I am already contemplating whether should I get a new laptop, or a new desktop or maybe a Mac. This is mainly because after so many phone calls to the service centre (which by the way provide no hold tone when you are holding), they still said that they are working on the case. I thought this machine would have gone kaput, or if not the replacement fees will be quite a hefty sum. And what is worse than knowing that your actual extended warranty only expired just last month, and surely what a great timing I chose for recovering my pc, 3 weeks after my warranty expired.

Well, by the 12th day, when I called them, to my surprise, the consultant said, “Your laptop is ready for collection.” I have only been updating the software back to my laptop as I have been busy for the previous few days. Collecting Chelsea v Malaysia tickets, shopping for bedsheets, shopping for furniture, looking at wedding pics.

And I don’t even have the time to play with my G9 yet. On a separate note, have been really considering what Pat said about moving this blog to webhosting. Still thinking about it.

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