Land Down Under

June 12, 2008

It’s almost 2 weeks since I come back from Sydney. It’s been a nice business trip there, a different city, a different country, different people and of course different food.

I was there for almost a week. Reached there on Saturday morning and basically walked my leg off during the weekend (which ended up affecting my leg when I go in the office on Monday, shhh, don’t tell my STP about that ok)

Sydney, it’s really different compare to the other cities that I have visited before in Europe. It’s more modern and the winter don’t look as gloomy as in Newcastle in England. Nevertheless, the sun still sets at 530pm, but at least there will still be people on the streets walking here and there.

The Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House is definitely a sight to behold, it’s really really nice. Not to mention all the skyscrapers in the CBD (Central Business District) and the beaches. What I like most is the fact that you can just go to the beach side which is like 15-20 minutes drive away, that is if you are living in the city centre, something that I really like but we don’t have it here in KL. Although it’s winter time, people will still go surfing.

However, travelling there will definitely burn a hole in your wallet, even if you are travelling in a shoe string budget. Although 5 of the nights that I stayed there is borned by my company, I still have to fork out AUD70 for a small 4 feet x 4 feet room by myself as I went there a day earlier and that is not covered. Imagined that, with RM200+, you can definitely find a very comfortable hotel room here in KL.

Well I know it’s kind of plain just explaining in words, will post up pictures shortly. Ok?

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