Unrealiable Temp Staffs, don’t you just hate them?!?

January 7, 2007

At the start of December last year, we need to get a few temp staffs to help us on calling our merchants, imagine 20k list to be finish in less than 3 months, and there’s only 2 of us permanent employee working for the NZ market!

So we go through the usual routine of getting leads from recruiting companies, and we are given a few candidates. Well, interviews being interviews, we can’t really gauge a person accountability in 1 single interview. After conducting the interviews, we have decided to hire 4 person. Candidate A, D, J and M.

Candidate A: Over a period of 22 working days, he has taken 7 days MC and 1 day EL! What kind of work ethic is this? Basically he had only work for 3 weeks, the other week is off sick! I wonder what will happen if he worked the full year? 7 days x 12 = 84 days of MC. Thank god he’s not a permanent headcount, and now I wonder why he resigned from the previous company. The verdict: On trial, if no improvement, guilty!

Candidate J: She must had ‘short term’ memory loss, cause she always forgot what we told her even though it’s only been a couple of hours! The best part is, she accused you that you never told her previously. That is not it, MCs is almost the same rate as Candidate A, and the dark secret, she is borrowing $$$ from others, with all kind of excuses. The verdict: Guilty and she’s already out.

The other 2 candidates are much better, although there’s some occasional MCs, at least their workrate is higher! Kudos to Candidate D & M. Now where is my boss, it’s judgment day!

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