Rain’s Coming Concert : 27th January 2007

January 28, 2007

Rain’s finally here in Malaysia! Although there isn’t much media coverage on his Rain’s Coming concert until a couple weeks ago, we have already purchased our tickets in December when we found out that KL would be one of the destination in his World Tour. We even bought the tickets although the venue has not been confirmed yet.We get the RM300 tickets, as it is at least affordable, not seated to far from the stage and yet still doesn’t burn a hole in our wallets. Notice that it states there Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil.

We arrived at the Sports Complex around 6pm, fearing that it will be crowded with Rain fans, but to our surprise, there’s not much people at the parking area. I thought normally M’sian will be kiasu in this case to get a good seat, but I guess I am wrong. So then I was happily snapping the concert venue, which I remember correctly should be this stadium!

But I was a bit surprised to see that there’s no crowd along the entrance of the stadium. When we walked further, we only found out that the crowd is all here….

at Putra Stadium! There was quite a number of booths at this open area, with Hotlink conquering large area of this open space. There’s also another booth selling Rain’s collectible like caps, t-shirts, calenders, etc and you should be able to guess that the price is well, too pricey! But if you are a Rain fanatic, I guess you wouldn’t be complaining.

Guess who we bumped into again….Hannah Tan again! Hmm….meeting a local celebrity twice in a month, I think I should go get a lottery ticket. May was stun coz she don’t know what to do (shh..don’t tell her, she’s the one who told me that I should walk up to her and said that my gf is her biggest fan and request a photo shot the last time I told her I met Hannah T), it is after the concert then only she realized that we should have walked to her to take a photo with her, coz this time we have our camera at hand as well. Haha! (Note to self, the next time I meet her again, I will take a photo with her!)

The time states that the concert starts at 8pm, but there are still people coming in at 830pm (so I guess the Malaysian timing is applicable to anywhere). Although the organizer have put up signs showing no cameras allowed, we still managed to sneak in ours and snap a few photos.
The backdrop of the stage with the Rain logo and see those 2 girls in front? They are a nuisance, reason being, they keep on standing up when Rain started singing and blocking everyone’s view who are sitting at the back.

The stage is armed with fireworks and fire, along with some high-end visuals whenever he’s singing a song. The visual effects are simply amazing!

This part where it suddenly rain in the middle of the stage is quite cool. Although I was told that Andy Lau’s concert also had the same special effect.

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  • Reply patrick January 30, 2007 at 2:26 am

    All the commotion of Rain Concert and not even a picture of him in this blog?

  • Reply JD February 1, 2007 at 6:20 am

    Wei, there is what….just that he’s so small. What to do….average price tickets only what…

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