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January 11, 2007

My broadband is still down, so I have to upload the pictures in the office, so here goes

30GB iPod Video (Late 2006 Edition) Until now I don’t really know what is the colour, cause it’s not mentioned anywhere on the box…….

It’s black! Hooray, was hoping that it would be black coz it won’t get dirty easily.

Some of the accessories that comes with the iPod. There’s the iPod itself, the earphone, an USB cable for charging, a velvet case, the dock port and the starting up guide. The only set back is there’s no actual charger, coz I realised that I don’t carry my laptop with me all the time, and if the battery goes flat, I would have nowhere to go to get it energize again.

The first accessory I got for my iPod, protection against scracthes. Got it from Machines for RM99. Quite cool as it looks like a lil’ devil, not to mention there’s a tail a the back too. If you would like to get one….check out this website

Right now, I am still grasping the ways to deal with it, and there’s nothing much that I can do since my broadband is still down after 3 days. (I rely a lot of infos online!)

That’s for now……..oh I forgot to mention, I saw Hannah Tan in the gym today. She’s so pretty!!!

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