My 2007 Top 10 New Year Resolutions!

January 4, 2007

I have never really put down new year resolutions before, but I guess this might be a good way to start and to track whether I have achieve what I set in the new year. So here’s the top 10,

  1. To loose weight (who doesn’t want to do that, after all the parties during XMas and New Year)
  2. To cut down on alcohol by 50% (it’s going to be difficult, but I will try)
  3. To save more $$$
  4. To get promoted (there should be an opening soon, hopefully I will ace the interview this time)
  5. To spend more times with family (yeah, I don’t really spend a lot of time talking to them, definitely need to change)
  6. To make an effort to keep in touch with all friends & colleagues , old or new, current or ex
  7. To not fall sick and no MCs (failed!)
  8. To not buy unnecessary indulgences
  9. To get to know more people
  10. To love and care more

I guess that’s the top 10 that I have, subject to changes later in the year 🙂 But at the moment, I think these 10 will do just fine…

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