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A Best Friend’s Wedding

Yesterday, another brother loses his bachelorhood but he already lost it 2 weeks back when he had another wedding ceremony in Singapore. Fortunately for us who can’t make it to Singapore, he also hold another wedding reception in KL so that all of us can attend. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only one wedding that all of us… Read more →

That Busy Week

Remember that week that I never write a single post? Well it’s because apart from Singapore, my whole family is also busy with my brother’s wedding. It was on that particular Saturday when we were just back from Singapore and most of my relatives were there. The ‘chi muis’ nowadays sure know their stuff, eating lotus seeds from a pile… Read more →

Kayden’s 9th Month

With a blink of an eye, Kayden’s going to be 9 months old tomorrow. He has definitely grown a lot, already know how to sit on his own and just right now, he was standing on his own as well. It’s going to be May’s brother’s wedding this coming Saturday, and we hope that he will be very well behave… Read more →