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A Best Friend’s Wedding

Yesterday, another brother loses his bachelorhood but he already lost it 2 weeks back when he had another wedding ceremony in Singapore. Fortunately for us who can’t make it to Singapore, he also hold another wedding reception in KL so that all of us can attend. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only one wedding that all of us… Read more →

30’s Club Dinner @ Neroteca

Neroteca, been trying to find a translation on Google, but the closest thing I got is Black (Nero) Theca (Teca, whatever it means?). It’s one of the restaurant that I’ve got to know for quite sometime, but just that never had the chance to try, that is until last Friday. May, the coordinator of the dinner had managed to book… Read more →

Kayden’s Day Out @ One Utama

We have been bringing Kayden out a lot for the past few weeks, and he seemed to be enjoying it whenever we are at these malls. Hmm, it must be our constant hanging out around the malls during his pregnancy that makes him a shopper too. May were busy buying Clarin’s stuff at Parkson, so here’s Kayden when he’s in… Read more →

2009 Christmas Eve Dinner @ My House

Saturday afternoon and I can’t take a nap. So while I am still experimenting this awesome Photoscape, it’s a good time to post up last year’s Christmas Eve Dinner as well. One thing I noticed is that whenever we had a gathering at my house, there isn’t much photos being taken on us. So I think one of the new… Read more →