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Yesterday, another brother loses his bachelorhood but he already lost it 2 weeks back when he had another wedding ceremony in Singapore. Fortunately for us who can’t make it to Singapore, he also hold another wedding reception in KL so that all of us can attend. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only one […]

After my initial suggestion being turned down by my friends, as well as the place’s having a private function on that particular night, we head to Bubu Restaurant, near the fame Changkat Bukit Bintang. Bubu Restaurant is a Spanish restaurant specializing in grilled stuff. The restaurant is not very big, with a generous place for […]

The Genting Trip

14, Feb 2011

Last weekend was an enjoyable one as we were able to spend it over at Awana Genting. The organizer, Lin claimed that it was a success, which is so true. We started off with Steamboat dinner on Friday night, look at the amount of food that night. Lai, posing with an Oyster mushroom. Chin Chin […]

It’s almost an yearly tradition now that me and my bunch of friends gather around for once a year CNY Dinner. After ding-donging for quite a while, we decided to have it earlier this year to accommodate everyone. After reading some reviews from femes food blogger KY, decided to try out this place, Elegant Inn […]

Last week was a hectic one as there’s a few jobs coming in from Wednesday through to Sunday, but luckily still able to have a day off on Saturday. Was up early so that can spend some time with Kayden and May, so decided to head over to Jarrod & Rawlin’s for some awesome breakfast […]

Hau Kee is one of those restaurant that I will dine at once in a while with my bunch of friends, but somehow not in my radar to blog about it. So when we were there having a late dinner/early supper the other day, I decided that maybe it’s time to write about it because […]

Neroteca, been trying to find a translation on Google, but the closest thing I got is Black (Nero) Theca (Teca, whatever it means?). It’s one of the restaurant that I’ve got to know for quite sometime, but just that never had the chance to try, that is until last Friday. May, the coordinator of the […]

The first of among all my friends that hit the big THREE O is both Lai and Lau. Melon’s birthday is sandwiched in between too but she’s busy with her netball tournament so she couldn’t make it. Lin was in the Land of the Lion for work so he missed out the dinner too. Pat […]

Saturday afternoon and I can’t take a nap. So while I am still experimenting this awesome Photoscape, it’s a good time to post up last year’s Christmas Eve Dinner as well. One thing I noticed is that whenever we had a gathering at my house, there isn’t much photos being taken on us. So I […]

Jiun’s birthday was actually on the 6th, but we ended up celebrating it 20 days later because partially I’m a bit busy looking after Baby Kayden. Anyway, we celebrated her birthday at Kampachi, Pavilion simply because, a lot of us haven’t tried it before (except for Sherlin). What a good reason right? This is actually […]