Tokushima Ramen Seasonal Promotion, Ippudo @ Pavilion

July 5, 2015

Following last year’s Tsukemen, Ippudo Pavilion will be launching their seasonal ramen from July till September this year, hailed all the way from Tokushima Prefecture from the Shikoku region in Japan, the Tokushima Ramen.


I’ve been privileged to be the first few to get a sneak preview of the specialty ramen and I must say it’s a great experience. We were introduced to the origin of the Tokushima Ramen by Tomo Kudo, the Regional Operations Consultant for Ippudo Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. And while we were waiting for the ramen to be ready, we’re introduced to their seasonal appetizer as well.


Kimuchi Tofu With Boiled Pork (RM13), a fusion with a Korean touch where warm tofu is topped with spicy kimuchi pork slices. The tinge of sour and spiciness makes it a good appetizer before the start of a good bowl of ramen.


Next up, Cheese Mentaiko Gyoza (RM17), Ippudo’s home made pan fried gyoza, served with melted cheese topped with cod roe sauce. I love anything mentaiko so there’s nothing to complain with this combination.


Salmon Fish & Chips (RM23), a very different kind of fish and chips as salmon is used and deep fried to bite size portion, served with tartar sauce and potato wedges. Salmon is very fresh and I could see it will be a popular snack not only for kids, but adults alike.


And lastly, the highlight of the day! Tokushima Ramen (RM25++). Unlike majority ramen which served with boiled egg, the Tokushima Ramen differentiate itself with serving the bowl of ramen with raw egg instead. The broth contains a mixture of chicken and pork, with dark soy sauce to create a rich and savoury flavour. Also instead of Char Siu, Tokushima Ramen is topped with slices of pork belly (Butabara) simmeres in onion fused soy sauce, green onions and bamboo shoots.

The soup is very special as the raw egg on top adds a complexity to the broth, and as usual the ramen from Ippudo is cooked al dente, springy when you take a bit. The Butabara is something that I loved and unfortunately it’s not really that widely available in KL, so it’s a very welcome addition in the ramen.

The serving is slightly bigger compare to their normal ramen (although we were told it’s the same by the host) so be prepared to be very full after consuming a bowl.


Aside from the seasonal ramen, Ippudo also have new lower price for all of their regular ramens so be sure to take advantage of that a have a bowl today.


The Tokushima Ramen is available from July till September so make sure when you fancy a bowl of ramen, head over to Ippudo to try a bowl now.

Ippudo Pavilion
Lot C4.07.00 Connection Level 4
Pavilion KL
Tel No: 03 2110 6233

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