The Hiatus

August 5, 2013

It’s been close to 4 months since my last post, and my condition has somehow impacted what I want to do with this blog.

2 years back, I’ve been diagnosed with a certain condition on my heart which makes it beating irregularly and there’s a few alternatives, it’s either I live with it with medications, or I can perform an ablation to the heart to kill the tissue that’s generating the extra beats. Back then, I opt to just take the medication because May’s still pregnant with Kendric and I don’t want to do anything major before that, so I only decided to go with the procedure last June. When I was already in the Procedure Room, laying down on the table, the doctor decided to not go ahead with the procedure since my irregular heart beat too irregular for them to do the procedure, hence I was sent to do an MRI to make sure that I don’t have any underlying heart condition that resulted in the extra beats.

Report came out a few weeks after that and it shows that my heart is normal, hence we set another date for the procedure, and this time it’s in November. The procedure involves the doctor puncturing the main vein on my groin, insert a catheter all the way in to the inner chambers of the heart and then mapping out the heart before determining the place where the extra beats is coming from. As it turns out, the beats is not that easy to find, hence the procedure was consider unsuccessful. I was to continue with my medication and my checkup with the cardiologist. Although I thought that my condition improved, but in actual fact, it doesn’t.

Beginning of 2013, I could feel that the condition has somehow impact my quality of life, being lightheaded almost all the time that each evening when I was at home, I have to lie down because I kept feeling like I’m going to faint. The medication given was not helping, and I couldn’t even spend time with my 2 boys, and I felt devastated. It’s their growing years and what they lack is a dad who can spend time playing with them, because what I do is just worrying if I would just collapsed and that’s it.

With this existing condition, I’ve visited the ER at IJN just to check if what I could do, which in that case, I was told to either admit to the hospital so that they could monitor my condition or just go on until my next appointment in middle of June, which then they try to schedule a earlier appointment after hearing what I’ve been through. June came and we went to see my cardiologist which she then schedule another procedure with a different kind of equipment and the date would be July 11th. I’m born a pessimist, hence I’ve had a bad feeling that the procedure might not be successful this time around as well but secretly hoping that it will do good.

End June while I was driving home after work on a Sunday afternoon, suddenly I felt my whole right arm goes numb, and felt that I’m out of breath and again, like I’m going to faint. Although that didn’t happened, it left a pretty horrifying experience and after that, I’m really looking forward for the procedure in July.

Come 11th July, I was whisked to the same procedure room again but midway before starting the procedure, the doctors decided to move me to a different room with a more hi-tech machine. The procedure starts slightly after lunch time, and I was given local anesthetic in the groin region where they will puncture to insert the catheter, but the hole is slightly bigger as they need to insert in both the artery and vein this time around. I will left out the nitty-gritty details and the doctor managed to laser the part which resulted in the haywire beating of my heart, while there’s another spot which they can’t do it because the originating point is too deep into the wall of the heart. The procedure is consider a success. A lot of friends asked me if the procedure hurts, it only hurts when they try to sew back the puncture, otherwise the laser part is not. I stayed another night with May accompanying me and after that I was discharged the very next day. A very big thanks to Shireen, Anderson and Pat who dropped by to visit me while I was there.

The next few days after the procedure, I was hit really bad with gout attack (because of me staying in bed for more than 12 hours after the procedure) and couldn’t even walk. I went to the GP 3 times, and it was only the 3rd time with a jab and medication that the pain gradually went away. Managed to celebrate my birthday with the gang that week, which I’m thankful to everyone who made it.

It’s almost a month after the procedure, and I’m doing great. May noticed that too since I managed to carry Kendric around 1U or MidValley for the past weekend, something which I have not been able to do for longer period of time before the procedure. I still feel lighthead at times but it’s not as bad as before, hence I really hope that the extra beat that the doctor can’t do anything about will not affect me that much.

I think it’s enough talking about the past as I hope this episode is behind me now, and I’m eager to kick start back this blog in full force! Till then…

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  • Reply Choi Yen August 16, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Hope you are getting better now Jordan, jia you!

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