Kendric’s Operation

March 7, 2013


Last week, Kendric was admitted to the hospital for a small procedure. Since birth, the pediatrician have informed us that one of his testicle is not present, and we have to monitor it up to he’s 1 and if it still does not descend in place, he will have to do a procedure to locate and move it back to the scrotum.

So for the past year, we have always checked whenever we see the doctor but up till his 1st birthday, there’s still no sign hence our doctor referred us to a pediatric surgeon who will be able to help us. So in January, we met up with the surgeon and decided to go ahead with the operation, as an the missing testicle could do more harm if left alone in the body. The operation was scheduled on the 1st of March so we were there last Thursday to stay over before the operation.

Poor boy had to fast for a few hours before the operation, so by the time he was supposed to be in the OT, he was both tired and hungry. I didn’t followed into the OT because only 1 parent is allowed, but May told me that she was quickly whisked away after they have put Kendric to sleep. The operation lasted about 2 hours, they managed to locate testicle in his abdomen and placed it to its original location. So overall the operation was considered a success.


Here’s him after the operation with a big needle on his left arm for drips. It’s amazing that a small boy like him going through the whole process, and the only time that he’s crying is because seeing the sight of nurses and medicine. On Saturday, we are able to discharge and he was already happily walking around the room while waiting for the papers to be ready.

I’m sure every parent will feel the heartache as their child go through these kind of things, but we sure are glad that he’s ok and getting cheekier by the day with his brother. Thanks everyone for your support and care!

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