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Ben’s General Food Store @ Bangsar Village

February 19, 2013

Through Christmas period in 2012, the four of us (Me, May, Kayden and Kendric) spent sometime catching up with the Christmas deco around town and Bangsar Village was one of the mall that we went both on Christmas’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. The reason was mainly to order a Rainbow Cake for Kayden and Kendric’s party and Bisou was the only place that has it done in a very beautiful way. So for lunch on both occasion, we ate at Ben’s General Food Store.


The setting is simple, some sort like a market place where you get to see what you want to eat, where it ranges from quiche and sandwiches, to cakes, and even roast meat.


Christmas Eve lunch with the kids.


Caesar Salad, that comes with Quiche Lorraine. Both me and May will always have a place for quiche mainly because it’s one of those food that we ate regularly back in our time at Newcastle. The Caesar salad is special with pieces of crunchy chicken crisp, and fried cheese serve in a very old skool metal plate.


Quiche Lorraine, despite just a slice, is pretty filling. Loaded with bacon and onion crumbs along with egg custard.


Macaroni & Cheese, piping hot and cheesy with quite a pungent smell which I believe must be the 4 Cheese. Kayden still likes it though.


I ordered the Beef Burger which is pretty good since the patty is well marinated and grilled on the spot. Topped with a slice of cheddar, mustard and ketchup, it sure is filling!


On our 2nd visit on New Year’s Eve, we ordered something different apart from the salad.


Kayden has got this craving for corn sometimes so we ordered a cob for him. He also likes to eat anything with ketchup (just like May!)


Cottage Pie, one of my favourite with it’s mashed potatoes topping with minced meat underneath.


Very delicious but half way through, I found out that there’s beans involved so I have to pass it over to May.


Il Carnivore Pizza, loaded with different type of sausages and melted cheese, one of the best pizza that I’ve eaten. The portion is pretty generous too so we ended up packing a few pieces back.

I actually regretted that I have not been to this place earlier, because the food is really not bad and for the adventurous type, you can always order something different, like the Roast of the Day…which I think I will probably do it the next time I’m there.

Ben’s General Food Store
Bangsar Village I
G17 & 18, Ground Floor

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