The Procedure

October 26, 2012

Sometime back in June, I checked in to IJN for a week and I was scheduled for a radio frequency ablation to my heart. I never really wanted to talk about it but then again since I’m going for actual one the week after next, I thought it will be good to share. It’s been quite a while since I knew that I had irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia which although is benign but somehow been an inconvenience for the past year or so. While I never experience any fainting spells before, I do feel myself quite light headed at times, so after much consideration, we’ve decided to laser the heart.


Checking in at a single room at IJN, it’s cozy in a own way but no matter how cozy it look, you will still uneasy since you’re undergoing a procedure.


Single room cost about RM300 per night, but you have the luxury of having the whole room to yourself and family members can stay in as well as there’s a spare bed. I checked in on a Monday since my procedure is on Tuesday so doctor’s advice is to stay a night before that but I can tell you that I didn’t sleep the whole night wondering all the possibilities.


After waiting the entire day, I was pushed into the Procedure room about 3 plus. That’s about 9 hours of waiting. Here’s me all prep up before going into the room. It’s awfully cold in the waiting area so you get to think about a lot of stuffs while waiting. Finally after waiting for another 30-45 minutes, I’m on the table waiting for the procedure to happen but unfortunately that didn’t materialize. I was monitored for a while until the doctors decided not to go ahead with the procedure as they found multiple places that’s generating the multiple irregular beats, and doing the procedure might not be successful without a thorough examination on the heart, so I was scheduled for an MRI the following day.


MRI didn’t happen until late afternoon the very next day and my hand got stuck to a needle just before the MRI. Was in the examination room for about an hour, and then I was being checked out from the hospital. Results won’t be available right then, so I was scheduled for an appointment sometime end of the month. When I was back at the end of the month, I was told the MRI result was not ready and then got a reschedule again in October.

So while I was away at Changlun earlier this month, I came back on the 9th specially to get the MRI result and see the doctor again. It’s a blessing that MRI result came out alright, hence I’m schedule for the ablation again on the 6th of November.

Looks like I have to go through it all over again and hopefully everything will be alright. Wish me luck!

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