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That Famous Nasi Lemak @ San Peng

August 9, 2012


Being Malaysia, Nasi Lemak is one of the staple diet that we have grown to accustom to. You can find it in the morning market, coffee shop, pasar malam and sometimes even in petrol station too! However to find a seller that’s Chinese and sell non halal version prove to be more difficult, and after reading countless blog about this place in San Peng, we finally managed to give it a try when we watched the Dark Knight Rises 2 weeks back.


The stall itself is located at this street called Jalan Baiduri, quite notorious looking when you’re there at night, which happens to be the only time the stall opens (the stall opens about 9-ish till 2AM). We were there early but yet still need to queue for a while before our turn.


Selection is pretty limited, with curry chicken, cockles (oh how I miss them!), cuttlefish (or sotong) with a mixture of Chinese style dishes like the Chinese sausage (lap cheong), luncheon meat and fried long beans.IMG_1427

The thing I like about Chinese version of Nasi Lemak is the way the sambal is made. It has this kind of Chinese style into it that you can’t find in the Malay counterpart. May ordered a piece of chicken, potato, luncheon meat and fried egg.


I ordered the exact version minus the egg, anchovies and peanuts. Both plates come up to about RM16 with drinks, quite expensive even by KL standards.


The rice is very rich with coconut gravy which gives a very aromatic fragrant. I like the curry chicken because it’s slightly watery and the taste jive well with the rice. The sambal as I said earlier had this distinctive taste and can be spicy for those who are not up for it and of course the luncheon meat, something that you can’t miss out.

It’s a great place to eat if you’re craving for Chinese Nasi Lemak (like me for a few years!) but some might be put off by the queue (which is said to be very long after midnight) and the price. The opening time is not too convenient for a family guy, and of course Nasi Lemak for supper is really no that good to your cholesterol level. But it’s ok if you eat it once in a blue moon, don’t you think?

San Peng Nasi Lemak
Off Jalan Baiduri
San Peng
Opening Hours : 9PM till late

The only word of advice is be alert while eating there because of the haphazard parking and dark alleys when you’ve parked your car.

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  • Reply Choi Yen August 9, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    quite expensive actually~

  • Reply JD August 9, 2012 at 6:08 pm


    Expensive but quite nice to eat…there’s one in Kepong market last time at night but not selling anymore!

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