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Shabu One @ Lot 10

April 23, 2012

Despite being an internet junkie and the popping of group buying websites of late, I have yet to purchase any food coupon before and Shabu One is the first one that I’ve bought online, and that is even after some favourable reviews from other food bloggers.


A date with my gang proves unfruitful, since none of them give any response in getting the coupon, so I ended just buying 2 at RM20/piece. That’s about 35% off the walk in price. Coincidentally, it’s a raining Thursday, hence it’s the perfect time for hot pot and although I’m expecting the place to be full, it’s more like half empty during our entire stay.


There are 4 selection of soups to choose from, Herbal, Chicken, Spicy and Tom Yam. We chose both the spicy and herbal soup.


The selection was wide, ranging from all types of meat balls,


Mostly fish balls and some squid ones. Pretty much something that you would find in a steam boat shop.


If you’re a shellfish lover, then it’s the best place to be because the clams are as big as half the size of my palm, couple with a lot of other types of clams. Unfortunately, both of us can’t eat any for the night.


In another corner, there’s also a selection of crabs and lamb meat (which I find the lamb meat too chewy) compare to the ones at Suki Ya.


The gem that I found on that night, minced meat rice that somehow I missed out during my last Taiwan trip which is very much a staple diet of Taiwanese.


Curry Fish Ball (famous in HK) and the assorted stuff we selected for our pot.


All mix up! Both of us find the soup is just alright, but I guess that the main reason for the soup to be tasting a bit bland is because so that we could savour the many selection of sauces, which unfortunately some amateurs like us won’t know how to concoct.


My not so nice concoction of the sauce, a mix of chili, fish sauce, rice wine and spring onions. It would be better if they have a wide more variety of sauces for diners to choose from (like in Plus One Shabu Shabu) rather than just leaving the mixing for the customers to do.


Some customary posing with the food, consider a date without the boys.


The dessert bar that serves some jellies and the sushi bar that serves 3 selections of hand roll. Nothing too fancy and is almost forgettable. The ice cream bar however is pretty good so do check it out.

Overall, I thought Shabu One was an ok place for Shabu Shabu, despite the vast variety of selection, the soup base was bland and the lack of special sauces to complement the food was noticeable for someone who won’t know how to concoct the perfect dipping sauce. However, if shell fish is your game, then it will be worth while to check it out since it’s really value for money for the sizes of the giant clam. Given a choice, I will still prefer Suki-Ya, mainly because of their special Cheesy Fish Ball.

Shabu One
T18-22, 2nd Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Tel No : 03-2145 9933
Opening Hours : 11am to 11pm

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