Soon Fatt Beijing Roast Duck (??????) @ Lorong Yap Hin, Off Jalan Pasar

March 16, 2012

To satisfy one’s craving for Chinese Roasted Meat like BBQ Pork, Roasted Pork, Duck and Chicken, one no need to look further than Jalan Pasar in Pudu. There are numerous stalls and shops here selling all kinds of roasted stuff and quite a number claimed to hail all the way from HK too! The usual one that I always frequent is Chen Chen but decided to give this place a try since they have Beijing Roast Duck.


Located almost at the very end of Jalan Pasar, it’s easy to spot the place as the banner is advertising the most famous thing available, Beijing Roast Duck! Since it’s lunch time, most of the tables are full and somehow I’m lucky to have one directly in front of the stall.


Fully packed with businessmen discussing their conquering of the day.


The usual menu includes Roasted Chicken, Duck and Pork and BBQ Pork. They even have a Facebook fan page as well, talk about the power of the social network. If you’re interested, do add them at FB here.


All geared up waiting for my Chicken and BBQ Pork rice to come. It’s too bad that I can’t order any duck due to my gout and it won’t be an honest review if I don’t eat it first before reviewing it.


BBQ Pork is roasted to perfection and with ample amount of fat and meat used. And even though I opted for chicken breast (which are normally dry and chewy), I’m blown away that the one’s here are still soft and succulent.


The rice is the wet version and I do find it too mushy. Nevertheless, that’s just a personal preference and goes very well with the BBQ sauce.

A plate of BBQ Pork and Chicken rice will set you off about RM8, pretty expensive for a plate of the same thing that just cost RM5-6 at any other shop but I guess that’s what you paid for premium food that boasted all the way from Beijing and it’s pretty much a standard price if you’re eating it in HK so no complains there.

Soon Fatt Beijing Roast Duck (??????)
Lorong Yap Hin
Off Jalan Pasar

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