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Jalan Alor Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Alor

March 14, 2012


I still remember how I discovered this Nasi Lemak place at Jalan Alor, it was close to 8 years back when I first started work at American Express. An ex-colleague will sometimes brought this nice, delicious looking pack of Nasi Lemak for brunch whenever he starts his shift about 11AM, so after salivating the flavours, some of us decided to tag in whenever he ‘tapao’ as well. True enough, the Nasi Lemak is very good and whenever I needed a good umph of Nasi Lemak, I will head to this place to pack breakfast/lunch. However, since I left AmEx back in 2009, I’ve never frequent this place anymore, until some ex-colleague mentioned it a few weeks back.


The stall is located at the front of Jalan Alor, diagonally opposite of KFC and normally opens about 730AM (well the owner told me it’s 7AM but every time I’m there it’s not open yet most of the time) and the dishes ranges from Rendang Daging to Ayam, as well as some Sotong. One of the specialties here is their Rendang be it Beef or Chicken, it’s just as good. Since red meat is off my menu, I go ahead with the Chicken Rendang with loads of sambal.


The Jalan Alor Nasi Lemak at it’s full glory. I opted for half rice with only a piece of Chicken Rendang @ RM4.80. Still my mouth is salivating looking at it.


Generous amount of sambal and a very big piece of chicken. It might be one of the least healthiest food but you can’t stop a man from his Nasi Lemak. Eating it brings back a lot of good memories while working at AmEx and sure, it’s another one of my comfort food so if you’re around the area, do give it a try!

Nasi Lemak Jalan Alor
Corner of Changkat Bukit Bintang & Jalan Alor
(Diagonally opposite of Jalan Bukit Bintang KFC)
Opening Hours : 7AM till finish (normally around 1130AM~12PM)

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