Frog Porridge @ Jalan Alor

January 3, 2012

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all readers! Been missing for the whole of last week catching up with the family. So back to business!


The Frog Porridge in Jalan Alor have existed for the longest of time, and I still remember the very first time that I ate at this place, the place still looks Chinese. That was almost 7-8 years ago, I stopped eating there ever since I’ve stopped working in Amex. So one fine evening, since May is working in KL, we chose to have dinner here. I can tell you that the whole Jalan Alor is like a foreign place, with lots of Thai food everywhere, for a second, I thought that we were really in Pattaya or Bangkok or whatever.


The menu here is simple, you either order plain porridge or porridge with frog. We opted for the plain porridge because we are more interested in the Kung Po Frog.


The Spring Onion Frog is something new on their menu cause I don’t remember eating it back then, but do note that my ‘back then’ is almost 7 years back. Tasted good, mild and just nice to go with the plain porridge.


The Kung Po Frog, somehow missing from my iPhone photo library tasted just as good since it’s fiery hot! Just like the time I tasted it.


We also opted to order a plate of Bitter Gourd with Egg from the Thai stall which tasted alright.

Overall, it’s still a great dinner albeit the place looking really foreign and basically there’s not of places that serve great Kung Po Frog Porridge. Read from Shaolintiger.com that there’s this great place too in SS2 which I will put it in my list of eats for 2012. The address for this Frog Porridge is as follows

Alor Frog Porridge
Jalan Alor
(Opposite Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings)
Opening Hours : Dinner Time will late…

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