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10 years back…

October 2, 2011

Wanted to blog about this in September but I guess I’m a month late but what the heck! September 9th, 10 years back, I left to Newcastle for my final year of my degree, and with a blink of an eye, it’s been 10 years.


This was me on the day that I left, and that’s Jasmin when she was only about 2 and 1/2 years old. Well, May was also leaving the same day, in fact we were supposed to go there together but at that time, we weren’t together.


The day that we arrived on Newcastle, it was September 10th, and a quick trivia, do you know what happened the next day?

Yup, it’s September 11th and there’s where the War on Terrorism began. After getting homesick for quite a while, I finally adapting to staying in the UK and learn how to drink with a bunch of friends.


Yup, we were doing that almost weekly, since that’s not much night life in the UK except for drink and drink. Plus beers are aplenty and cheap too!


We opt to stay in a uni hostel and got a mixture of good and crappy flat mates. The first on the right, almost always never wash any of her dishes. The one next to her is quite snobbish. The 3rd and the 4th are couple, where they guy is from another uni but just stayed in the gf’s flat most of the time. Next to them is Remi, a French guy, funny and get along with us Asians well and next to him is Nicola, the best of the Brits in our flat.


During our free time, we will venture outskirts and act like thugs.


Well you know what I mean right? Don’t we looked like some gangsters? Aside from that, we also did some touristy thing like,


Visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District, and also


Flower watching in Keukenhoff. And during that time, both of us are still not together, can you believe it?



I also do what a football supporter must do, watch a live EPL match where Newcastle took on Chelsea, and of course the Blues won it!


But of course when the Toons were playing against Arsenal in an FA Cup match, we chose to support the home team!


It’s also where I really learn how to cook, especially hairy crabs like this.


And try to become what Malaysian do best, be a good host with lots of food!

Flat15 14

Food, food and more food!


You get the drill right?


While making a number of new friends, some old ones are not forgotten. It’s actually my maiden visit to London this time.


All 3 of us are married with kids now too.


Sharing some strawberry with sugar and caviar courtesy of the air stewardess!


That’s also when we fall for each other, literally. It must be the time where she got really sick and have to admitted to the hospital, there’s where I called for the ambulance to send her there.


And that’s how we got closer and closer.


Where she will tied up my long hair sometimes, when I’m playing some PC games in her room.


I will also sometimes took some silly photos of her sticking her tongue out.


Or she taking photo of me sticking my tongue out.


Finally it dawned to us that we’re graduating and the journey ends there.

10 years have passed, oh how I miss you Newcastle!

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  • Reply IccyAsd October 2, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Nice! Now you are a dad & all wow!time really flies~

    ps: notice yr size grows in the last 10 years LOL, at first you look kinda like Adrian with glasses =P

  • Reply JD October 2, 2011 at 2:33 pm


    That was when I was thinnest. You should see the photos before that, I’m more bigger size than now!

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