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My Work Trip to Singapore and Eminent Frog Porridge @ Geylang

September 27, 2011

This month is probably the one month that I have the least post since starting the blog, and it was not help either with my going down to Singapore for work during the weekend. It’s my first time driving there and it’s quite an eye opener. Reached Singapore about 3PM and rushed down all the way to City Hall to look at my favourite things.


Funan Digital Mall and Peninsula Shopping Complex. There’s the 2 places where sells the things I like, gadgets and jerseys. Didn’t get anything though since Mei Ting (my friend from Singapore) bought me a couple of jerseys 2 weeks back. Managed to get some patches and a game thought.



The reason my shopping was cut short is because I’m meeting a couple of friends for dinner at Geylang. And since we have got some time, Wong drove me around the Marina Bay area for sight seeing. Was also rounding around Geylang to look for the famous Frog Porridge, and bumped into a few shops like the above. Of course, Geylang is the Red Light District of Singapore!


Eminent Frog Porridge is located at some of the smaller lanes in Geylang but it’s quite easy to spot it as there’s a lot of people eating dinner here.


There’s only 1 place in KL that actually sells good frog porridge and that’s in Alor, and I only recall them having only 1 type of selection, which is Kung Pow. Here in Eminent, there’s about 8 choices to prepare the frogs, and they even have a promotion where you buy 2 frogs, you’ll get 1 free.


The plain white porridge plays merely a supporting role in the whole process.


So is the Fu Yong Egg and Sambal Belacan Kangkung.


Ginger Fried Frog with Spring Onions, goes well with the white porridge.


Kung Pow Frog, spicy but delicious! Pardon the steam from the dish, it’s meant to show that it’s piping hot!


Spicy and Sour Frog, something like the Chili Crab sauce, and definitely a first for me trying out something like that.


The many staffs there catering to the hundred of orders in the shop.

The price of the whole meal is about SGD76, quite alright if we don’t convert it to RM.

Eminent Frog Porridge (Geylang)
269/323 Geylang Road
Geylang Conservation Area
Tel No : +65 9842 2941

One of the best dinner I had and great time catching up with a few friends.

On Sunday, basically it’s just work near the CBD area.


And that’s how I’ve spent my last weekend. Would like to visit soon.

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