Bitter gourd Hokkien Mee @ Wah Sing Restaurant, Sungai Way

June 23, 2011

As May is working around the 222 area in PJ, there are numerous good eateries that are located near to her office. She has been telling me about this Bitter Gourd Hokkien Mee for a while and wanted to bring me over to have a try so we drop by for lunch one day.


Located in Plaza Seri Setia, a hidden gem that serves Foo Chow/Hokkien delicacies.

IMG_0138 IMG_0139

A brief look at their menu and all the newspaper cuttings where this place has been featured before.


Photos of celebrities that frequent the place before. We were there early so we managed to avoid the lunch crowd.

Being a first timer there, we order 4 dishes. Some which is a must have as it’s this restaurant’s trademark.


The first to come is Stewed Pork that comes with Alkaline Cake.


While the stew pork might not be a Hokkien specific dish, the alkaline cake definitely is. I remember my grandma would sometimes make it too and it’s one of my late grandfather’s favourite. What you do is just dip the cake into the sauce. Personally I don’t like alkaline cake that much because of it’s distinct taste but the ones here are pretty alright. The alkaline taste is not strong and it’s very soft.


The stew pork is good, being cooked with lots of flavour and a tinge of star anise. Layers of pork belly, good to go with rice.


Another one of their signature dish has got to be this Eggplant Dish. You can see almost each table will order it. What is so nice about this dish is that they first gently fried the eggplant, before frying it again with dried shrimp and garlic. It’s an appetizing dish and not oily at all. The ones that normally being cooked in my house is drenched with oil.


The Fried Clear Noodles (Tung Fun) is full with ‘wok hei’ and have lots of ingredients ranging from mushroom, egg and dried shrimp.


And last but not least, the Bitter Gourd Hokkien Mee, definitely a first time for me eating this. While you may think the bitterness might spoilt the taste, in contrast, it blended very well and there isn’t any bitterness to it. It might be us being lucky that the bitter gourd is not bitter but from May’s past experience, there’s no other time that she remember the bitter gourd is bitter. So it might be that the chef is very good in choosing the best bitter gourd.

Like the Tung Fun, the Hokkien Mee is also full with ‘wok hei’.

The meal itself cost us RM44 but that is mainly because we over ordered. A plate of their Hokkien Mee/Tung Fun is only about RM6-Rm6.50.

There’s a lot more other Hokkien dishes available like the Fah Diu Chicken and Fried Pak Guo, but I guess to try them all we will definitely need to come back again.

Wah Sing Restaurant
Lot 1-12, 1st Floor, Plaza Seri Setia
Jalan SS9/2, Seri Setia
Sungai Way
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel No : 03-7876 3288
Opening Hours : 1130am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm (Close on Wednesday every fortnightly)

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  • Reply Sher Lin June 23, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    looks yummy and tempting! too bad too far away from the weld for lunch 🙁

  • Reply JD June 23, 2011 at 11:23 pm


    It’s open for dinner too….

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