Restoran Good Taste (Rice & Noodles) @ Taman Dahlia, Cheras

May 31, 2011

When my parents bought the house in Alam Damai more than 10 years ago, we never thought that one day we will be staying there. It’s mainly because the place is still developing and traffic is still premature around this area. However, when I came back from UK in 2002, my parents then started renovating the house and prepare to move in. So while we were going back and forth to check on the status of the house, we will normally drop by this shop for their Wan Tan Mee.


Good Taste Restaurant, they not only sell Wan Tan Mee, but there’s chicken rice as well.


Their menu covered almost all kind of variety that you can think of, like roast duck, BBQ pork, and even beef tripe and beef noodles.


They even have 3 kind of chilies to choose from. From the normal pickled green chilies to the chili oil.


I just ordered the most simple of all. BBQ Pork with Wan Tan. Despite the lean looking pork, it’s still roasted to perfection. The wan tan noodles (whole egg noodles) is very spongy.


May on the order hand, fancy their roast duck mee.


Their wan tan also tasted good despite very small looking. I have bought chicken rice from the same place as well and I could say that the white chicken is also not bad.

Price wise is pretty standard which is about RM5-6 per bowl of noodles depending on your selection. I normally is not picky when it comes to Wan Tan Mee but I think this might be just the one of the better ones that I’ve eaten in.

The shop is located in Taman Dahlia, Jalan 34/154 and is right beside a KK Mart.

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