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JD Cooks ~ Yee Mee Soup

May 23, 2011


Yee Mee is probably one of the easiest lunch to cook if me and May are feeling lazy eating out. Just yesterday, she was not feeling well so for the 1st time in many months, we didn’t go shopping.


Yee Mee is a very versatile dish, and you can almost add anything you like as the condiments. May normally prefers fish balls, fish cakes, and myself, I like minced pork. To marinate the minced meat, all I have to do is put in soy sauce, pepper, salt, oil and corn starch so that the texture is smooth.


As for the soup, broth will be good if there’s any. If not, there’s no harm using chicken cubes/stocks.


As the mee requires some time to cook, I normally will put it in first.


When it is boiling, I added in the mince pork and fish cake.


Last but not least, add in the vegetables and egg and voila, it’s ready.


A bowl of Yee Mee Soup is ready to be consume!


Try it yourself, because when it comes to Yee Mee, there’s no wrong way of cooking it! Till then…have fun!

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