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JD Cooks ~ Hokkien Mee

May 15, 2011

One of my favourite food is Hokkien Mee, largely contributed due to me being 1/4 of an Hokkien although speak not a single word of that. As there are only a few of us at home for dinner today, my Mom decided to cook this and Char Kway Teow for dinner.


The main ingredients is of course the ultra thick noodles.

IMG_8873 IMG_8879

Other ingredients includes marinated pork and cabbages.


Last but not least, is of course the lards. Eating Hokkien Mee without lard is like eating Prawn Mee without prawns.


First step is to gently fry chopped garlics until it is golden brown.


Next is to add in the other raw ingredients like pork and prawns.


Next comes the noodle. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to flavour it a little before adding some chicken broth.


Dark soy sauce is added to provide the dark colour look and oyster sauce/soya sauce is added to further enhancing the flavour.


Let it simmer for at least 5-10 minutes before adding in a secret ingredient.


Flounder fish seasoning, makes the Hokkien Mee taste even more like those famous Hokkien Mee places.


And with that, it’s nearly done. The last step is to add in the lards before serving. The end product,


Added an egg to further smoothen the texture of the mee.


Even Kayden who never try it before also said Yummy.

Hokkien Mee is a pretty easy dish to cook, the only thing would be to be able to grasp the taste of it and that requires a lot of patience and practice. It’s fun nevertheless to try it again and again until you are able to cook up something almost similar to restaurants. So till then…have fun!

Anyway, there will be an announcement that I will make soon.

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