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Kayden’s 1st NYE and How We Spent Our New Year Weekend

January 2, 2011

The New Year is here, meaning that Kayden is approaching his 1st birthday fast! It’s also the first time he spent New Year’s Eve with us.

Kayden 2

Being a public holiday on the 31st, we head down to the shop to have our 1st family photo shoot. I posted this photo on FB right after that and got a few comments that I have blued Kayden. But he ain’t got much choice right?

Kayden 1

He’s all gear up for his 1st birthday, and both of us are equally gear up too!


For New Year’s Eve Dinner, we head over to Ampang for some Korean BBQ and ended up smelling like BBQ too.


Some of the dishes that we ordered, including this Korean Kimchi Cake. Just like that one we had in Taichung’s Feng Chia Night Market.


Korean Bibimbap, a mixture of rice and vegetables with distinctive sauces all combine together to give a flavourful taste.

IMG_6945 IMG_6946

All the other small servings of assorted appetizers that goes with the main dishes.


Lin doing the Lin Can Cook pose, BBQ-ing our stuffs.


A plate of assorted meat cost about RM88, consist of pork, beef and chicken. The chicken is the best as it’s very well marinated.

We spent NYE on our bed not watching any fireworks because Kayden was already sleeping then and both of us are tired after spending the whole day taking photos and eating Korean BBQ.

We attended a friend’s wedding dinner on the 1st, but will cover that later because it’s definitely worth mentioning in a single blog post.

Come Sunday, we head over to Lemon Garden Café @ Shangri-la for lunch.


Been here a couple of times, but have never really wrote a post about it. Since I will be giving up my American Express Platinum Credit Card very soon, I guess it’s good to at least use the promotion that comes with it, which is Buy 1 Free 1 on meals here.


Lemon Garden Café serves a variety of food, ranges from Chinese to Indian to Malay to Continental and a lot more. The Chinese section consist of mainly Chinese dishes like Steam Fish, Dim Sum and a few others.


Also consist a small noodle booth that serves a variety of noodles but depending the menu for that day. We only had plain noodles serve today, but I have seen them serves others like Prawn Mee and Laksa.


The Cold & Raw Section is one of my favourite, because of limitless amount of sashimi and oyster and prawn and mussles although I can’t eat any of the latter. However, I do find the the oyster have shrunk in sizes compare to my previous visit.


The Indian and Malay Section which serves a variety of curry and Satay (which is good) and others.


The Italian section which have pizzas and pasta.


The Chocolate and Strawberry Fondue, before Kayden polluted it.


Hands with Strawberry Fondue! I think those seen us must have been cursing us for this.


The dessert section with a variety of pastries, kuih-muih, ice creams, ABC, crepe and lots more.

IMG_6993 IMG_6998IMG_7004 IMG_7009

Satays, Salmon, Otak-Otak, Caesar Salad, Pasta and Dimsum.


Kayden’s 1st time eating Cherry Tomatoes.


And grapes.


Feeding May asparagus.


Feeding Grandma long beans.

We had a great New Year Weekend! And we hope that you all had that too! Happy 2010 everyone!

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