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Roast Pig & Fish Head Curry @ Miri

December 7, 2010


After a great Lalapan meal, I walked around Miri town just to get a feel how it’s like. A storm is actually brewing without me realizing it, and I was stuck in a shopping mall for a good 15 minutes.


Rumor has it that at the out skirts of Miri, there’s this place that sell Roasted Wild Boar, so with a GPS in hand, we followed the direction and reached this place, where there’s more than 20 stores with similar signboard like above. Obviously the rumor is just rumor, instead of wild boar, what we get it is just pork.


Each of the stalls serve roughly similar stuffs, like pork belly, intestines, etc. There are some chicken wings and chickens’ bishop as well in the mix. Some stalls even have seafood like crabs, prawns and fish.

P1000591 P1000592

Well, I’ve eaten pig’s intestine before in BKT or even Pork Noodles, but BBQ intestine is definitely a 1st time for me. Chickens’ bishop @ RM1 per sticks.


Once you have chosen what you like, it’s off to the grill again to heat it up.


It’s all cut up and served with Sarawak very own chilli sauce. I would say it’s a nice snacking food, however be warned that there’s still some lingering pig smell on the meat, so not everyone could endure that kind of taste.


The endless tables with lots of locals enjoying it with beers.

This huge place is located at the Lutong area, not too sure about the exact address because it’s dark.

Right after eating so many porks, we head to this place for our proper dinner.


New First Choice Café Centre, located at Lorong Firuz, that serves great Curry Fish Head.


The Curry Fish Head is very tasty and the fish is very fresh. Good to go with rice!


Red Wine Mirin (Pakis) is something that we won’t get that often here in KL. Normally the ones that I’ve eaten is with Sambal Belacan but also a 1st time I’ve eaten it cooked with Red Wine.


I’m not sure what this vege is called but it’s normally used in Pan Mee. Here it’s being fried with egg which is quite special in a way.


Butter Chicken is awesome, very creamy and buttery. Best to go with rice.

I was having a bout of stomach ache that day, could be because of the Lalapan sambal but the food here still taste awesome. Definitely a must try if any of you reading this head over to Miri.

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  • Reply mimid3vils December 8, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    I had a lot of Mirin when I was at Kuching too, love the crunchiness ~

  • Reply JD December 8, 2010 at 4:43 pm


    I heard Kuching’s Mirin is better as they serve more leaves, the ones in Miri are half leaves half stem. The ones here in KL are all stem only

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