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Taiwan Day 5 – Finally Taipei

November 5, 2010

After moving around for more than 4 days around Taiwan, we finally check in to our hotel in Taipei. That’s not before we had our breakfast at Beauty Age Hotel.


May ordered the Taiwanese style breakfast, porridge with assorted side dishes.


My western style breakfast, with egg and bacon, salad and toasted bread.

We were so tired of walking that we took a cab to the Beitou MRT station to save time and energy.


Us waiting to head back to Central Taipei via the red line.


Things to do – There’s no need to explained things to do right?


Right after leaving our luggage at our hotel, we took the bus to the Shopping District very close to Taipei 101.


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, a name that I often heard about while I was working with Amex, but never knew that it’s that big in Taiwan.

We only walked a block of it, and it’s not until Jiun told me that there’s actually a few blocks of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi around the area to cater different type of customers. There’s not much things for me to buy but May managed to get a pair of Made in Taiwan Wacoal.

Lunch @ Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Food Court


The food court serves a variation of meals from Japanese to Korean to Western.


May always have this ‘thing’ with hotpot so when she saw something like the above with a mini hotpot, you don’t need to guess what she’ll order.


It’s a combo set with part Teppanyaki and part Hotpot. Teppanyaki chicken and beef with egg at NT$1,500.


The mini hotpot consist of mainly of various greens and fish cake. The soup is sweet but it’s about the same standard like the ones we can get in our food court.


I ordered something which is a bit special, ramen in a wooden bucket and Taiwanese fried chicken. The set is NT$1,380 with a mini Coke.


The ramen is very spongy and the soup tasted sweet and nice.


The fried chicken is done the Taiwanese way, one word, sedap!

After filling up our tummy, we proceed to walk a bit around the area.


Taipei 101, tallest building in Taiwan but somehow it’s not as majestic as the KLCC Twin Tower. Not a lot to do for shopping as most of the boutiques inside are very high end.


From there we walked all the way to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. We have decided earlier in the trip that we won’t be visiting any museums or memorial halls, so we just sort of pass by only.


After that, head over to Sogo to do some window shopping to pass our time while waiting for night markets.


Went to this plaza which sort of like our Low Yat Plaza, housing more than 100 shops selling computers stuffs.

Spent about an hour there, before deciding to head to Raohe Night Market, which is just a stone throw away from where we are staying.

I better start completing my Taiwan trip soon, because some of my lunch gang is saying that it’s been too long. So will try to finish it asap. Next post on Taiwan, Raohe Night Market!

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