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Taiwan Day 2 – Sun Moon Lake continued

October 15, 2010

After descending back to Syuanguang Pier, we catch the next boat ride to Yidashao Pier where there’s a few streets selling aboriginals handicraft and some local food.


A view as we are approaching Yidashao Pier.


There’s quite a number of eateries that’s closed that day. Like the one on the right, Sa Gua Mien.

IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5244

A souvenir shop that’s only available around Sun Moon Lake. We got some fridge magnets for Kayden as it’s his favourite type of toys nowadays.

Eat – Wild Boar Sausage, Steamed Meat Dumpling


The Taiwanese sausage available here are made from wild boar meat instead of pork and cost NT$40 per piece.

IMG_5247 IMG_5249

The taste is ok and is very similar to some of the german sausages.


Auntie Chen Mochi, which cost NT$10 per piece.


There 6 flavours to choose from peanut, red bean, sesame, yam and 2 others. I’m not really a big fan of mochi so I thought the taste is so-so.


Steamed Meat Dumpling for NT$40 selling at one of the stalls around.

IMG_5257 IMG_5258

The steamed dumpling is very similar to our Teochew dumpling but the filling is meat instead sengkuan (Chinese Turnip). We ordered a bowl of Mee Suah as well since we only had instant noodle for lunch.


The Mee Suah taste is so-so and not as nice as the one we had at Feng Chia Night Market, but still taste better than the local franchise here in KL. At only NT$40, there’s intestines and innards that makes it interesting.


The steamed meat dumpling is nice. The filling is very flavourful but both of us do find that the layer wrapping it is a bit too thick.

IMG_5267 IMG_5268

After our afternoon snack, we head back to Shuishe Pier to spend the rest of the afternoon near our hotel. That’s not until we saw a lady (holding the camera here) that don’t bother to shave, so ‘geli’!


One of the best thing we did during this trip is to get a ride on these electric bike. For only NT$150 per hour, it’s quite an enjoyable experience.

IMG_5282 IMG_5283

Both of us gearing up for our ride. We initially wanted to rent just 1 bike but I find it difficult to balance so we ended up with 2 bikes rather than ended up with scars on our body.


Some scenic shots while we were exploring the area with the electric bike.

IMG_5294 IMG_5291 IMG_5299

More scenic shots around the area. The bike is so good that we thought that it will be good if we can buy one here in KL. Anyone knows any contacts?


The main street along Sun Moon Lake, just like any other small kampung here.

IMG_5316 IMG_5318

Our accommodation comes with dinner and it’s pretty good with 4 dishes plus 1 soup. The owner’s mom is very accommodating as well.


Sweet & Sour Pork and Paku Choy. Very similarly done with the way we cooked it here.


Tempura Vegetables and Stir Fried Mushroom.

Although the meal is simple, it does gives us a very homey feel, it’s like we have been staying there for ages. So any of you going to Sun Moon Lake, make sure that you get to stay at least a night at Laurel Villa for their splendid hospitality.

With nothing much to do at night, we spent some time lepaking at Starbucks and enjoying the view by the lakeside.


That’s not the only thing, it’s also because I wanted to get the Starbucks Tumbler to add to my collection.


Creme Brulee Machiatto, very nice drink and it’s even available here in KL.


May pretending to read the newspaper.

We retired early as well because we wanted to catch the sunrise the day after.

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  • Reply mimid3vils October 16, 2010 at 10:32 am

    u should zoom ur camera to show us how geli that girl was, haha XD

    • Reply JD October 16, 2010 at 12:26 pm


      I scared later no mood to makan…haha.

  • Reply May October 17, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    wat pretending????? i was really reading it okay….. while soaking up the full moon

  • Reply SiewMin October 18, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    My colleagues’s bro-in-law is selling those electric bikes if not mistaken….^_^
    but shop is in penang

  • Reply JD October 18, 2010 at 6:02 pm


    Can check for me how much is it?

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