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Early morning to Sun Moon Lake

September 23, 2010

Just got on the Nantou bus on the way to Sun Moon Lake. It runs on an hourly basis directly to Sun Moon Lake and the journey will take about 1-1.5 hours.

That’s the end of our 1st day at Taichung. As you all know, it’s Moon Cake festival yesterday, and it’s being celebrated grandly here in Taiwan where they have celebrity concerts around the country. While we were walking to take the bus to Feng Chia nightmarket yesterday, we saw a lot of families having barbeques in front of their house, we thought that it’s a normal thing to do but as I watched the news this morning, apparently Taiwanese celebrated Mid Autumn festival by having BBQs. What a way to celebrate while watching the moon.

Ok, got to go to enjoy the scenery on the bus, updates later.

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