Hau Kee Restaurant @ Taman Cheras (Yulek)


Hau Kee is one of those restaurant that I will dine at once in a while with my bunch of friends, but somehow not in my radar to blog about it. So when we were there having a late dinner/early supper the other day, I decided that maybe it’s time to write about it because it’s one of the famous restaurant around the Cheras vicinity.

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Despite being a Tuesday night, the place was almost full house with customers arriving well past the normal eating hours to get their late dinners.


Stir Fried ‘Fan Shu Miu’


My friend, Lai, always said that Hau Kee had one of the best Hokkine Mee around KL, but I beg to differ because I feel that the mee is always lack of ‘Wok Hei’ and the taste is generally so-so. Plus the amount of sambal belacan that they provided is so minuscule-ly little.


The Sing Chow Mai (Singapore Fried Bihun) is pretty average and a bit on the dry side. I think that must be one of the reason that Lin and Yam didn’t finished the plate.


The Wat Tan Hor is quite good, with the gravy that comes with it very flavourful and smooth. It’s the only best thing that we had that night.


Marmite Ribs, which I find that it’s a bit burnt. However it still goes well if eaten with rice.

From my experience there, the dishes that are served at Hau Kee is only slightly above average in terms of taste, but they always have a gimmick in launching new dishes, like the Herbal Chicken which you can find being ordered by almost every table. Compare to a bunch of other normal/average Chinese restaurant, Hau Kee does stand out to be the best in this area, so I guess it’s normal that the people in Cheras will frequent this place.


The price is also quite expensive as you can see above. RM77.70 for 3 plates of noodles, a meat and a vege is definitely not a cheap meal, which is also one of the reason that I only dine at this place when I needed to.

Hao Kee is located just along the stretch of road with Awet Cafe, you definitely won’t miss it because normally the patrons will triple park outside the restaurant.

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  1. August 23, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    the crab dishes here r very good too!

  2. kayi
    August 24, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    the ????? is super delicious!!

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