Bisou Cupcake is Sou-Sou

July 2, 2010


There’s been a lot of cupcake shops popping out in major shopping malls nowadays, and one of it is of Bisou. I like cupcake because of the variety of designs available and yup, for this year I would want cupcakes as my birthday cake instead. (Note to self, remember to remind May about this)


It comes with a nice box with a cute little sticker. It even comes with an instruction on how to eat cupcakes too. I guess that’s what you pay for a RM5 cupcake.


Nutella Cupcake and World Cup Theme cupcake.


Despite looking so pretty, there’s nothing much to shout about. I can’t taste any Nutella from the topping, and the base is just sou-sou. Even the cupcakes that I baked last time is tastier.


The World Cup theme cupcake also fall short as it looks like you’re eating grass, just that it’s made from butter icing.

For the amount, I think the cupcakes is a major disappointment. So I really think that Bisou is really so-so. So for my birthday, I think Simply Heavenly cupcakes would be nice. *hint hint*

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