Beef Noodle @ Jalan Kenanga, San Peng

July 3, 2010

I was trying to google this Beef Noodle shop around the San Peng area, but miraculously it’s not heavily blog by others so my guess it’s still a hidden gem.


Located near a defunct Rukun Tetangga, this place have existied for at least a good 10 years or more. It might not be as famous as the one in Alor or Petaling Street, but it still serve a tasty bowl of Beef Noodle.


Plates of beef balls and other inner parts of the cow. Be sure to be there early if you’re into innards and stuff. Since I don’t eat any innards, hence beef balls and mince meat is good enough.


The lady owner preparing my order. There’s a steady crowd so I still have to wait a good 10 minutes before I get my tapao.


The beef noodle is quite special. You can either eat it dry or with the soup, depending on your preference. If you it in, you will have to state if you want the dry or soup version. I’m a dry kind of person so this is good. For RM6, you get 6 beef balls and a bowl of Kway Teow Mihun + Chilli!


The chilli sauce provided is spicy with a slight taste of vinegar. Goes very good with the innards, beef balls as well as the mee/mihun/kwayteow.


The serving is not huge despite the price, but it’s good enough to satisfy your fix. Of course you can always order a larger bowl, but since I have just eaten a light dinner at Lot 10 Hutong, this size is just about right. The mince meat is very tasty and compliments well with the noodles. Add in the chilli sauce and it’s perfect!


These home made beef balls (I assumed) is flavourful and bouncy with a tinge of gingerly taste.

So if you are tired of trying the Soong Kee or Shin Kee, then head over to San Peng to try this as well. I’m sure beef noodle lovers will love this place as well.

San Peng Beef Noodles
Defunct Rukun Tetannga (opposite Maybank)
Jalan Kenanga
Opening Hours : Dinner time till late

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