Shepherd’s Pie from Starbucks

May 20, 2010

I’m not a desserty person, so when it comes to cheese cakes, truffles or pavlova, I will normally take a rain check unless I have severe craving for certain type of sweet delicacies like glutinous ball or sundae.


But when it comes to pies or quiches, then it’s another story. Few months back while we were having coffee at Starbuck @ The Curve, we ordered a Shepherd’s Pie to go along with our Vanilla Milk and Coffee of the Day. What attracted us to this pie is of course the layer of mashed potatoes on top, something with mashed potatoes has got to be good. To our surprise, the taste didn’t disappointed us at all. The layer of mashed potatoes is creamy and nice, the pie crust taste just as good as well and it’s crunchy. The fillings of chicken and mushroom contemplates all of the 3 nicely.


So while on my way home today, I dropped by the Starbucks at my office to tapao one home for appetizer. For RM7.50 less 10% staff discount, it’s the perfect snack for a rainy Thursday evening.


The fillings this time is a little bit salty though but the mashed potatoes and the crust still taste great. It’s difficult to resist all these pies and quiches since it’s so difficult to find any good ones in KL, so the ones from Starbucks or D’lish will do for now.

Let’s hope I managed to whip some out from my kitchen, then I can share with you here.

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