Oriental Cravings @ One Utama

May 26, 2010


Oriental Cravings is one of those small restaurant located in some nook or corner in 1U and you can easily missed it if you are not familiar enough with this shopping mall. But heck, even for someone like me who’s quite use to shopping around also didn’t know that this place exist until May was talking about it a week back.

Our first choice is to have dinner at Chillis, but being Saturday, we were told that we need to wait 20 minutes for a table, since it’s almost Kayden’s feeding time, we don’t want to take any chances and head here for dinner instead and the food turn out to be quite good.


A plate of Mui Choy Khau Yuk (Stewed Pork Belly with Mui Choy) @ RM22.90. To be frank, despite my love for pork, this dish is not my favourite. My grandma would sometimes cooked this at home too but I find the Mui Choy taste a little to strong to my liking. Then again, it’s just me. I managed to take a bite and it taste quite alright and I’m sure those who like this particular dish will agree that the one served here is quite good. Again, it’s just me!


A plate of Bittergourd Omelette @ RM10.90. Pretty standard and done quite nicely. The bittergourd is bitter (what you expect right?) and goes very well with fried omelette. It would be even nicer if there’s Ham Dan as well, but without it still taste reasonable good to go with white rice.


Their Honey Glazed Chicken Wings @ RM16.90 is not bad. The chicken wings are deep fried with some tumeric powder and after that being glazed with a layer of honey which also tasted a little bit like Marmite. While it’s not bad for me, it’s a bit hard to be eaten by elders. Both May’s parents have difficulty eating it because the skin is so hard and if not careful, you might chipped off your tooth.


Upon recommendation by the waiter, we also ordered their Hot Pot, which only available during weekends.


It’s a broth in a claypot and contains a variety of things including Pork Shoulder (like the one we ate during Mother’s Day steamboat), meat balls, fried egg fish cakes, Tau foo pok, lards as well as wolfberries. At RM48.90, this pot is definitely not cheap. However, it taste quite nice as the soup is sweet because of Chinese cabbage being used to sweeten the soup. The lards compliments the soup very well and the sweet wolfberries makes it even more appetizing. Not to forget, you can chow down the thin slices of pork shoulder as well as meat balls and tau foo pok.

It’s a pleasant dinner even by my standards (I don’t like Chinese food that much) and the price is pretty reasonable too with the bill totalling up to RM120. Their address is as follows

Oriental Cravings
G359, Phase 2, One Utama
Tel: 03-7727 2581

Be sure to be there early though, because we noticed that the crowd gradually increasing towards dinner time from 730 onwards. Next, I will share with you the day I went fishing…

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  • Reply Sher Lin May 26, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    YOU WENT FISHING??? curious lor! haha

  • Reply JD May 26, 2010 at 9:14 pm


    This time, I must say, “Watch this space!”

  • Reply Guma May 30, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Oriental Cravings is my favourite in 1 U. I go there at least 3 times a week cos they have specials every day. Looking at the pics, you had the right choice of food. Next time, try their curry chee cheong fun, tong sui, yam & pumpkin cake (although you can’t eat wu-tau).

  • Reply Guma May 30, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Easy to find Oriental Cravings. Concentrate on the Ground Floor of the New Wing in 1 U. If you see Guess, Coach or Armani X-change, that’s the floor. Like you say just head for that one corner. Psst.. but don’t go to the wrong place, OC’s neighbour is a Taiwanese, that place, not nice and XPsive.

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