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JD Cooks ~ Beer Batter Fish n Chips

May 2, 2010

One of the staple diet during my final year in university back in the UK is of course their Fish n Chips. It is normally served with lots of chips and you can drench it with either salt, pepper or vinegar. The only thing missing most of the time (being Malaysian) is of course Chilli Sauce.

Fast forward to now, there’s still not much choice in terms of finding nice Fish n Chips here in KL, so the next best thing is of course to cook it at home.


The batter consist of 1 cup of flour and of course 1 cup of beer (you can use any type of beer depending on your liking)


And 2 whisked egg white to make it fluffy. Once that is done, combine both the egg white and the batter together.


So with the batter ready, it’s just putting in the dory onto the batter and into the wok. While that is cooking, I’m also preparing mashed potatoes and carrot.


Potatoes all mashed up with a tinge of salt and parmesan cheese.


Sautéed carrot with Herb de Provence.


And the end result, JD’s Fish n Mashed Potatoes & Sautéed Carrot.


Scooped mashed potatoes, the only thing missing is the gravy (which I don’t know how to make)


Sautéed Carrot.


The Fish with Beer Batter turns out to be really good, fluffy and tasty. Would be better if fresh fillet is used. Coz the one that I cooked is the frozen ones. The recipe I obtained from here.

It’s a satisfying lunch, the only thing missing is Tartar Sauce and lemon, but that didn’t stop Jasmin from saying this.


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