Our Baby, Pa-sonaru

Baby Kayden Naked Pictures!

March 13, 2010

Now that I got your attention to my blog, haha, here’s to a more serious post.


While I was browsing my camera this week, I found some photos of him sitting up. My dad must have took it one of these days. Here’s him sitting looking at the camera. We are blessed with a baby that like to post to the camera!


Haha, at 2 months + 1 week, he still cannot sit on his own yet, but he can sit for quite a while when you start talking to him.


My parents attempt to put him on his tummy. But apparently his neck and hands still don’t have the strength to support himself yet.


His smiling photo, which he do quite often these days.

Oklar, was going to write about something that has bothered me for the since the birth of Kayden, but after looking at all these cute pictures, I don’t feel like writing how I feel anymore. But I hope you enjoyed the naked pics! Haha!

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