Woo Pin Fish Head Mihun @ Cheras Flats

February 5, 2010

Last weekend, despite wanting to wake up early to get breakfast, I only woke up about 830AM. So not wasting anytime, I got directions from my parents on how to get to this ‘Woo Ping Fish Head’ which is located near the famous Cheras ‘Sei Lau’ Flats.


I was glad that despite getting there late, the crowd is still ok and there’s ample of seats around. Not that I care because I was tapao-ing back home to eat.


This is the lady boss standing around taking my order. Behind here hangs quite a lot of newspaper cutting of reviews of the shop. I presumed that this shop has gone a long way. However, the cooking is mainly done by some foreign workers working there. I’ve got no complaints as long as the food serve is good. This is a classic example of leaving the cooking to the workers, and the bosses are the one taking order. Minimizing confusion and maintain proper customer service.

There’s 2 variety that you can choose from, the Fish Head and the Fish Paste. I’m not really a fan of fish head (mainly because of the bones) so I chose fish paste instead.

So half and hour later, I’m back at my house enjoying a bowl of still hot Fish Paste Mihun.


Looks good right, and the taste is not bad too. But I still find the Win Soon a bit better because of the pork lard that they added. Nevertheless, never tried, never know right?


The chilli paste is quite good. Mixture of grated fresh chillies with belacan, an essential to eat with any Fish Head Mihun.


Umm…spongy mihun that still tasted good after half an hour. Bliss!

Each packet of this is RM6.50, which is pretty standard pricing nowadays. Will be going there again tomorrow. Hopefully the open at 7AM.

Their location

Woo Pin Fish Head Mihun

Perumahan Awam Sri Pulau Pinang Block 4

Jalan Ikan Emas

Cheras KL

Opening hours : Early morning till 3PM

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