Farewell Dinner @ DucKing, Jaya One

February 26, 2010


May’s family is definitely a fan of Chinese food, and since it’s May’s sister last night here in KL, and most of the other Chinese restaurant is fully book, we decided to head to DucKing for dinner.

Have only been to DucKing once, part of the reason is because of my gout, so eating duck is out of the question. But I’m surprised that there are a whole variety of other dishes there too.



Live River Lazy Fish, whatever that means.


Or France Turbot Fish. We wanted to order the cheap Talapia at RM4.20/gram, but it’s not available.

IMG_2627 IMG_2630

Both of us while waiting for the gang to arrive.



First to come is the Salmon Yee Sang, at RM38. It’s the one of the best Yee Sang that I ate this year (even though I don’t eat much of it because of the peanuts!). The plum sauce is tasty which brings out the best of the other ingredients.


One of DucKing’s specialty is their Pork Lard rice. Unfortunately, by the time we want to order, it’s sold out. So we have to settle for white rice instead.


To fulfil our daily Green quota, we ordered the Hong Kong Kai Lan, prepared in 2 unique ways. The leaves of the Kai Lan is deep fried, taste like the Japanese seaweed with deep fried garlic and chilli.


While the stem of the Kai Lan is prepared the conventional way, Stir Fried with Garlic.


We also ordered a bowl of Sam Wong Spinach, basically a bowl of soup with a mixture of 3 types of eggs and which are Century Eggs (the black ones), Salted Eggs (the orange ones) and normal eggs. Didn’t taste it because Spinach contributes to my gout problems too. May said it’s special and nice.


During the festive season, they don’t serve their normal BBQ platter, so we ended up having to order all of these separately. The Roasted BBQ Pork (Char Siu) is quite average and cold. Could be leftover from lunch session.


The Siu Yuk on the other hand taste so much better. Layer of fat and tender meat, goes well especially with mustard!


The famous DucKing’s duck. The skin looks crispy and looks really good. Too bad I can’t eat it. May’s dad actually ate most of the skin when we couldn’t finish it.


Since I can’t eat duck, this Steamed Chicken with Jellyfish is specially ordered for me. Smooth white chicken, yums! The jellyfish is not bad too.


We ordered this dish thinking that it’s the Dong Poh Yuk, but it’s not. Don’t really like it because the sauce is too sourish to my liking.


Mantou to go with the sauce.


Last dish of the night, Steamed Lou Fu Ban. Don’t play-play, this fish cost about RM200. The highlight of the night, in terms of pricing lar. Very fresh. May’s mom ate most of it because it’s the only dish that she can eat (mainly because she’s still having slight fever).

Overall it’s a satisfying dinner and one of the best eat out dinner this entire CNY period. Definitely recommended by me to have a good Chinese dinner. The bill comes up to RM512 which is pretty alright with the things that we ate.

Duck King
8-G Block M, Jaya One
No.72-A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7957 9819
Open daily 11.00am-10.30pm / Public Holidays & Sundays 9.00am-10.30pm

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