Shireen’s Birthday @ Delicious (Not!)

December 3, 2009

December already! So fast…but there’s till 28 more days to go. In the post, I would like to apologize to Shireen coz there’s not much picture taken on her birthday celebration at Delicious. But I do managed to have a candid shot lar, so hopefully that one is ok.


We have a get together with my lunch gang at Delicious, Duo Residency about 2 weeks back. I have tried the one in Bangsar Village and the food is pretty good. Looking at May’s friends eating dinner at the one in Midvalley is not bad either. So all these while, I have wanted to give it a try, especially their Roasted Chicken.

IMG_1060 IMG_1059

The place was pretty quite on a Friday night. Without waiting for the ladies (as there are always almost never early), me and May ordered our drinks and soup while waiting.


May browsing the menu while waiting for the rest to come.

IMG_1067 IMG_1065

May ordered this Butterscotch Milkshake (which turns out to pretty good!) while I ordered a cup of Camomile tea.


Our mushroom soup came just as when the ladies arrived. Soup is quite ok, with lots of mushroom.

While waiting to make our order, Sher Lin took the liberty of taking some shots around.

IMG_1080 IMG_1083

IMG_1090 IMG_1070

Dunno why the setting is full of branches and bird cage. Hmm…and it’s white!


The salad the Chin Chin ordered is the first to come. Looks good and taste good too, unfortunately, it’s the only dish that I would say it’s delicious, because whatever that follows after that, is disastrous!


Kel ordered Chicken Drumlet, which I didn’t try but I think would be ok lar.

IMG_1098 IMG_1097

Both the Salmon Angel Hair Pasta and the Spaghetti Carbonara is almost tasteless. It’s too watery to begin with and don’t have the creamy/cheesy taste. Such a huge disappointment compare to the time I tried in Bangsar Village.


The Beef Lasagna is ok, but the one that I ate at Italiannese is way better.

Next up is the meat dishes that Sher Lin and Sathia ordered.

IMG_1101 IMG_1099

The duck is quite ok especially the mashed potatoes. The chicken (that I forgot what’s the name) is ok gua I guess, because no complaint from Sathia on it.

And the last but not least, the one that I have been wanting to try for so long!


Roast Whole Chicken, turned out to be the biggest disappointment for the night (for me at least!). The bird is slightly uncooked to start with, and there’s literally no taste what-so-ever! Even my Jamie Oliver’s style roast chicken is way better. Not to mention that this dish cost RM40, so I think I will definitely steer away from this Delicious by all means.

Dessert was ok, eventhough I am not a desserty person.


Both the Pavlova and the Brownie is quite good, the peach pie look alike is so-so.

Overall, it’s a enjoyable dinner because of the crowd, because we can do some catching up. From the food perspective, it’s not a good dinner at all. I guess the next time when someone said the place is so so, I better hear her out…because Jiun already let us know before hand that the food is so so, but after 20+ emails flying here and there, somehow that point was overlooked.

Anyways, Shireen, hope you have a good dinner (although the meals are not good). So you don’t have to look like this lar, right?

IMG_1094 copy

Happy Birthday again!

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  • Reply shireen December 3, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks for the thought & celeb again…but why lar this photo? So candid?
    I had a great time…

  • Reply JD December 3, 2009 at 10:54 pm


    Haha, glad you like it. Would be better is the food taste better though.

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