Celebrating Dad’s Birthday @ Nong & Jimmy

December 17, 2009

We celebrated my dad’s birthday last Saturday at the famous Nong & Jimmy in Kg Cempaka. And their specialty is of course their grilled crab and you could also smell like one too (like one of my friend who actually went to eat here and then came to the cinema smelling like just came from a ‘Dai Chao’").


This is only my 3rd visit there, and I swear if it’s not because of my gout, I would want to frequent it more often because the grill crabs are really good.


Despite us arriving about 630PM, the place is almost crowded.

There’s a massive jam at MRR2 so we ended up ordering some appetizer while waiting.


Their fried ‘Yao Char Guay’ is truly one of a kind. Tasted almost like donut and goes very well with the kaya provided.


Grilled cockles is also good although I can’t remember when was the last time I tasted one. My bro and sis are still a fan of these.

Although by 7PM, the place is almost full, there’s no delay in the food that we ordered. Starting from this,


Kerabu Chicken Feet. Quite tasty and sourish and good as an appetizer.


The grilled squid is not bad although it’s a bit on the dry side. Goes well with the chilli sauce provided.


The Tom Yam Soup served in claypot. Very nice but I didn’t try it because of my nagging stomach ache. I did try a spoonful and it’s quite good.


For those Rice Tong (aka ‘Fan Tong’), this is a must. Despite looking very ordinary, it’s actually tasted very good. Recommended!


The most disappointing dish of the night is the grilled sting ray. Somehow the taste got lost in translation. So you can basically skip this if you are going to this place.


The Thai Style Steamed Fish on the other hand is pretty good.


The Lala is also not bad. Different from the average Dai Chao.


With all those meaty stuffs, of course there’s a need for vege. So this is not bad either.

You must be wondering, isn’t this place famous for it’s crab? So where are the crabs? Hang on lar, it’s coming. Because we always save the best for last right?


The famous ‘Grilled Crab’. Crab with it’s original taste, sweet and tender.


After heeding Lau’s advice of not to order the Curry Crab, we ordered this instead. Black Pepper Crab. The size of the crabs are slightly larger (I wonder why because the grilled ones are like medium size only) and it’s actually quite good. Better than the normal ‘Kam Heong’ style.

Here are the end product by all of us.

IMG_1239 IMG_1227

IMG_1232 IMG_1238

The total bill is about RM450. Quite ok lar because there’s like 12 of us. And we went home quite filling too!

Oops, here’s a picture of mom and dad. Happy Birthday Dad (although I don’t know if you will be reading this or not lar)!


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  • Reply J2Kfm December 19, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    This was the place I was trying desperately to find, to no avail.
    Maybe I should really invest in a GPS unit.

  • Reply JD December 19, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    where are you staying? Have you tried KY’s blog? He drew a map also.

  • Reply rj's mama December 20, 2009 at 10:34 am

    happy birthday to your dad!

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