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December 4, 2009

While browsing a famous local forum yesterday, I stumble upon a very very interesting photography blog Ihave seen a lot of photographs before but the concept of this photographer is really one of a kind.

Then I thought to myself, this might be something that I would like to do. It’s funny that all these while growing up with a family of photographers, I have never actually been interested in this particular hobby until very recently. Then again, I think it’s the gadgety part that actually linked it together.

With a baby coming along, I guess there will be more opportunities for photo shoots. Seemed like I even got May influenced too, so tonight we will be going out to look at some P-n-S models from Canon. Not sure if will be getting it or not (since we are on a shoe-string budget!).

Anyways, it’s a gloomy day but it’s Friday. Here’s a screen shot of the interesting blog that I mentioned earlier.


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