Lin’s Ngau Yat @ Weissbrau, Pavilion

November 25, 2009

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This is quite an overdue post, but better late than never right? The gang celebrated Lin’s birthday at Weissbrau Pavilion 2 weeks ago. I think it’s quite a new German restaurant and the best thing is, the serve ‘Oink Oink’.

Me and May (as usual), are the 1st to arrive, followed by Lau, Sui Lin, Ryan, Kel & Chin2 and then Lin. Chooi Mey arrived slightly later while Jason arrived last. Yam have to FFK us last minute because of some colleague’s wedding planning. (Yam minus 1)

Weissbrau is quite a small restaurant compare to the rest of the German pubs that I’ve been, and reservation is recommended but with reservation, we still get to sit by the side entrance to the mall.

We ordered one of this to get things started.


We got some starters to go with the beer. Some kind of bread with tuna (I think!)


We left the ordering to Sui Lin as she’s quite a connoisseur when it comes to “Oink Oink”, while the rest of us have our picture taken by Lau.


Or rather May and me picture taken. Haha!

IMG_0914 IMG_0911

Lin & Sui Lin

IMG_0927 IMG_0924

Ryan & Kel

IMG_0995 IMG_0992

Chooi Mey (already face red because of drinking) & Jason

IMG_0999 IMG_0998

Vintage Lau and (what are you looking at?) Chin Chin

Food was served in a jiffy. Of course being a porky restaurant, it will always best to start with some Caesar Salad.


It’s not bad especially with it’s cheesy dressing. Well worth being vegetarian for at least like 5 minutes.

IMG_0957 IMG_0953

Next up is some type of German Pizza (Mushroom on the left, Bacon & Onion on the right)


We even got the Onion & Olive one as well complimentary with the beer tower we ordered.

IMG_0968 IMG_0964

Pork Knuckle and Sausage Platter.

These are all the things that we ordered but serving portion is actually quite huge. The pizzas are something different so it’s definitely worth a try. Caesar salad is quite good with the accompanying dressing. The sausage platter is quite alright but the pork knuckle is forgettable. It’s not as nice as the ones in El Cerdo or Bavarian Bierhaus. So if you read this, you could probably give this a miss if you eat here.


But Lin certainly didn’t think that the Pork Knuckle is not good lar, see he’s even licking the bone. (That’s it Lin, this picture will make you famous!)

Being a German restaurant, they do serve a variety of European beers like Hoegaarden, some beer that a lot of people I know is hu-ha-ing about.


Taste-wise, it’s a bit too fruity to my liking but very easy to drink especially to ladies. So I guess that must be it lar. For me, it’s definitely Stella Artois FTW.


Being Lin’s birthday, we also have a cake cutting ceremony. And we sang the alternate version of the Birthday song quite loudly among the crowd. Neh the one that goes, “You look like a monkey~”


Not to forget a group picture (which I apologize as the picture is really poor)


Overall it’s a great get together plus birthday celebration. Lin I hope that you had a fun time beating aeroplane, oops, I mean flying an aeroplane that day.


Anyways, have a happy birthday Lin! From all of us.

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