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JD Cooks ~ Mac & Cheese

November 29, 2009

Nothing beats a good Mac & Cheese. Unfortunately, not a lot of place serve nice Mac & Cheese. One of the best that I have tried is in Hard Rock Cafe but to travel downtown for it is a bit of a hassle if you want to eat it like NOW!

So the next best thing is, THIS!


KRAFT’s Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese dinner. Original Cheese Sauce, made with Real Kraft Cheese.

The packet consist of a packet of cheese and of course macaroni.


Cooking is pretty straightforward. Boiled some water and put in the macaroni along with some oil and salt.


While cooking that, I have also got some side dishes to add into it which is chicken breast.


I have marinated it with salt, pepper, oil and corn flour. Fried it until it’s golden brown and it’s ready to go, oops not to forget to add in some Herbs De Provence.


Next, sautéed the pan with a little butter and it’s time to put in the rest of the ingredients.


Although the instruction didn’t mentioned to add in milk, I add some to make it more saucy.


The end product is actually quite good. The cheese is really cheesy. And it’s the next best thing since quite economical (RM10 per pack) and can feed about 4 person. It also save a lot of hassle to source for the right ingredients to make it. Till them, have fun!

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