Halloween, the Day after…

November 1, 2009

I was not feeling well for the past 2 days. Been having sore throat and quite a bad headache. It’s those that make you feel like your head is bursting. I am glad that it actually gets better today.

Halloween was just another Saturday for us. I had to help out on convo so May took the role as Jasmin’s babysitter for a day. Glad that they had fun going to to her mums and IKEA. For me, I spend almost 8 hours in PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre) helping out on a bizarre convocation ceremony but I do find that the bridges there are so beautiful. I probably will make a date to go there to take some pictures.

Today is start of the American Express Cash Rebate program at some of the major shopping malls. 15% cash rebate is a lot so have waited until today to get our baby car seat. However, both malls that we went (MidValley and Sunway Pyramid) don’t have the model that we want, so much for waiting. Guess have to go to the factory to get it…

Went to makan at Pasta Zanmai (I think our 4th visit) for lunch and it’s good!

IMG_0819 IMG_0815

After ordering what we want, it’s time to take some picture. It’s actually good that sometimes Jasmin tagged along, because I get to be in the picture.


May’s Chicken Teriyaki Pasta is the first to come. Chicken Teriyaki with Hot Spring Tamago (1st part).


Jasmin’s favourite, is the plain but equally good Plain Pasta with yup Hot Spring Tamago.


And finally I got to order something that I would always like to try, Squid Ink Pasta. I didn’t try it the previous 3 times because I am always indecisive and don’t know what to choose.


May’s set contain a 2nd part, which is Hotate pizza with mushroom. (Which when I checked on my last post, it’s the same thing that she ordered!)

The pizza is the best and I mean it can win hands down when comparing it with Pizza Hut/Dominos. Jasmin’s set is normal but it’s a good thing. Nothing too fancy and it’s cheap too.




The Pasta with Squid Ink is basically eating something inky.


Although it’s like black and yucky, surprisingly it’s quite tasty. The only thing with it is you can easily messed up your clothes, or your teeth,


your face,


and even your tongue and lips!


May with a posed of her Hotate Pizza.


We left Sunway Pyramid about 2 plus and stop at the Kesas R & R area to grab some of this.


Satay from the Famous Haji Samuri from Kajang. It’s good to know that they have branches all over the place. Have been wanting to eat satay for awhile. So it’s good although taste wise it’s not the best. But anything goes if you are desperate.

IMG_0855 IMG_0856

As I was posting this, I had just went out to ‘tapao’ Bak Kut Teh for dinner as no one is cooking. (Everyone is busy packing convocation photos, so it’s just the 3 of us at home). So how did you spent your Halloween?

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