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JD Cooks ~ Pan Mee aka Mee Fun Kuey

October 24, 2009

Pan Mee is one of the easiest dish that you can cook at home as it doesn’t require a whole lot of ingredients. So even if you are someone who don’t know how to cook, I am sure you can still do it on a Saturday afternoon.

As we are spending most of Saturday at home, decided to cook Pan Mee for lunch instead. Went shopping early at Carrefour to get some other stuffs needed to cook something else.

Things you basically need is: – Flour, egg, salt and water. Yup, it’s that simple.


Some other ingredients for side dish includes

 IMG_0750 IMG_0727 IMG_0736

Fishball, veges and minced pork.

To make the dough, just pour flour onto a container along with oil, egg and a little pinch of salt.


Then slowly add in water and start mixing it with your hands.


Mix the dough evenly and continue to add in water until it’s beginning to hold. You can then start to knead it until it is smooth.


Let it rest, and then I can start preparing the other stuffs.


To marinate the minced pork, I used soya sauce and salt, along with corn flour and oil to make the texture soft. It only takes about a minute and it’s ready to hit the pan.

IMG_0747 IMG_0748 

While cooking, I added in oyster sauce and dark soya sauce so that the end result will be on your right.

Soup base it’s entirely up to personal preference. I will normally use chicken stock to make the soup as I can’t eat anything related to anchovies. Once the soup is ready, I will cooked the Pan Mee on a smaller pot so that it won’t thicken the whole pot of soup.


Once the soup is boiling, add in the Pan Mee. I normally like it to be tear apart. If any of you have the machine that can make the thinner or broader mee, you can definitely use that too!


Once it’s all boiled up, add in the veges and it’s ready to be served.

One thing I like about home cooked Pan Mee is that you can try different style on how you want it to be. Like May, she will always like it to be soupy so it will end up something like this.


Me on the other hand like it to be dry, so I will use whatever ingredients that I can find to make it taste nice. Like chilli sauce from Sabah and a lot of other things. This time around, I am doing something like what Kin Kin does best…Dry Chilli Pan Mee.


Poached egg with minced pork and dry Pan Mee that I have added in chilli sauce from Sabah (I also added in pork lard to make it more aromatic!). I would say, it almost tasted the same like Kin Kin, apart from the chilli part lar…but overall it’s good! So if you haven’t done this before, definitely can give it a try because the variation from this meal is huge! Till then, have fun!

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  • Reply tl wong October 26, 2009 at 1:22 am

    I recall making the dough is the most challenging part, even an cook master having a difficulties on it ..What is the secret behind ? HAHA

    • Reply JD October 26, 2009 at 1:14 pm

      From the master chefs at home (aka my mom and grandma), I think it’s the water…should be room temperature and constant kneading of the dough.

  • Reply Nastiii April 4, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    I remember making this for a Scout’s camp. Our dough took 1 hour to make. T.T

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