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Shopping for Baby

September 14, 2009

Ever since we knew our baby is a boy, we have been going out to scout around for CNY clothes for baby. Well actually not just clothes lar, we also been looking around for baby cot, car seat, stroller, bouncer, napkin, etc. So it’s not just about food on this blog ok.

We’ve mainly been shopping for clothes because it’s the Raya sale and we need to start to prepare for CNY as by the time May’s giving birth in January, I don’t think we have the time to shop since his full moon will probably be somewhere in CNY.

Some of the shops that we went include Baby Poney, Adam Kids and Baby Gap. I never realised that such a tiny weeny piece of clothing is almost equivalent to one of my shirt from EDC. Must be the expensive workmanship. I thought more clothes equals higher pay, but apparently it’s the other way round.

Anyway just to share some of the baby clothes that we bought over the last few weeks.


This is May’s favourite Fire Truck shirt. RM26.10 from Adam Kid. She purposely hanged it together with my Chelsea kit just to show how miniscule the shirt is.


A red shirt from Baby Poney, RM29.80 (if I am not mistaken). Since May’s mom like ‘ang ang’ a lot, baby is going to wear this when we go back to Kepong during Chinese New Year.

And last but not least,


A pair of short pants, also from Baby Poney. I am sure this is not our last shopping. I still need to shop for a Chelsea baby jersey. My son what, of course have to support the Blues right?

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  • Reply SiewMin September 18, 2009 at 1:52 am

    eerr… but jordan, may …. that is too big for your baby when he turn 1st month old. That would be like 3 to 6 months old size nee.
    Newborns are very tiny …

  • Reply JD September 18, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    nevermind lar siewmin, leave until baby is 6 months old lor…..

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